Midwest Wood Specialties, LLC

Flat Cutting Boards

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and quality customer service"

Our cutting boards are made out of hardwood maple, durable for slicing bread to chopping vegetables, or plain serving off of these great chopping blocks.

The hardwood maple cutting boards are 3/4" thick and are made in several different designs and sizes listed below. These beautiful cutting boards are made in the USA with pride and quality workmanship right here in Wisconsin. Just give us a call for what you need.

Designs and Sizes:
Circle 6" #6FC
Circle 8 " #8FC
Circle 10 " #10FC
Custom #FCC
Rectangle 4"x7" #47FR
Rectangle 5"x8" #58FR
Rectangle 8"x12" #812FR
Custom #FCC
Square 6" #6FS
Square 8 " #8FS
Square 12" #12FS
Custom #FCC
Tray 4"x7" #47FT
Tray 5"x8" #58FT
Tray 8"x12" #812FT
Custom #FCC










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Solid hard maple
Made in Wisconsin with quality workmanship
3/4" thick
Dark spots are normal part of maple
Treated with mineral oil and ready to use
Clean with warm soapy cloth, rinse with clean cloth and dry
Do not put in dishwasher
Reapply mineral oil to entire cutting board every several months to protect and maintain the wood's natural beauty